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December 6, 2017
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December 6, 2017
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Your First 30 Days In a New Job

The beginning is always most exciting. It is full of hope, energy and exuberance. Sometimes things go as per plan and smoothly while sometimes things make their own way and you are taken by surprise. It is good to know what to expect and what not to expect when you go for a new job, in your new office.
Here’s a little game plan of your first 30 days of new job.
The excitement is expected. It is good to feel new change and be fully charged for working in a new environment.
First Day: Before beginning this new chapter of your career, be a little aware of where you are going to work, a little research you do before going on an interview is helpful here. Review it one more time. You might get to know some new ventures your organization is going to launch or any crisis it is facing. You should be aware of it. Reach a little earlier. Be decent and trustable. Don’t expect your colleagues to be frank or share their genuine thoughts with you. You are new and remember you are not there for knowing the gossip. Be nice and wear your smile. Try to understand the environment and ask if you don’t understand anything; remember asking is way better than messing up tasks. For a nice start of the day; you can go and greet your immediate senior. Introduce yourself confidently. Don’t give impression that you are alone and dropped on a deserted island. Don’t try to multitask on this very day. Try to absorb one thing at a time and complete it. End your first working day with smile that you had at beginning of the day. Don’t look like you have just ended first day at battlefield. Be positive and think about doing a little better for day 2
Week Two & Three: Now that you are part of organization, you know much about people around you. Try being nice and asking if you can help them out. This is right time to start working on growing professionally. Realize what your strength is and work on your weakness. Don’t say NO because you don’t know how to complete a given core. Ask and ask away…since you are new you have liberty of asking and then working things out. If you have been working anywhere previously, don’t bring it here. Never discuss your previous employers on your new job. Spend some time with your colleagues as there will be a lot of people with whom you gel in a better way and there will be some you would not be comfortable with.
Week Four: You are about to complete your first month on your new job. You are no more amateur so avoid making mistakes and being vulnerable. Now you must know what to do and how to do it. Start taking charge of things. Don’t compete with seniors. They have been there for quite some time so try to learn from them by observing. Try to present new ideas and give solutions. By now your seniors would have realized how well you can cope with pressure and new projects at work so you might be given new responsibilities which is a good sign. Try to give some extra time after work, additional 30 minutes will not be harmful and may give some fortuitous result.
Day 30: It is time to reward yourself. You have completed good 30 days in a place you were trying to be hired a month back. You have achieved it! Set targets, motivate yourself to work and achieve self-targeted goals. Don’t forget to pat your back after every achievement and take a higher flight for your professional development.

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